Greg James was forced to cut off a caller on his BBC Radio 1 programme on Wednesday morning (21st February) following a rude prank live on air.


The DJ was hosting his popular Cowboy Time segment at 9:50am, which usually involves callers repeating the word ten in a cowboy style to mark 10 minutes to 10.

But today, things took a turn for the worse as listeners heard a caller say: “I’m here!” – to which James replied: “You’re here, but I’ve got a question ‘What time is it?”

Instead of answering the question, the caller proceeded to play sex noises down the phone, with James quickly cutting him off.

"Oh, OK. That's a shame. That is a shame. Do we call him again?" James then told listeners as he appeared to laugh it off.

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"Well that buries it, doesn't it? That's the end," the presenter continued. "That's the end of Cowboy Time as we know it. That's a fail. That's a huge fail.

"Thanks a lot, Lewis, you ruined the party for everyone," he added, before referencing a classic episode of Come Dine With Me: "Enjoy the money, Jane. I hope it makes you very happy.

"Oh, sad... Rest in peace, Cowboy Time."

It’s not the first time the BBC has been targeted by a prankster live on air, with the broadcaster's live coverage of the Euro 2024 draw disrupted by inappropriate noises back in December 2023.

The presenters were wrapping up the draw in Hamburg when viewers started hearing sex noises in the background of the coverage.

The prank was later claimed by YouTube prankster Daniel Jarvis, known as ‘Jarvo69’ on social media, who had sabotaged Gary Lineker and co's coverage of Liverpool’s FA Cup clash against Wolves earlier in 2023 with a similar prank.

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