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Twitter can't stop talking about last night's explosive Come Dine With Me ending

The conclusion to Channel 4's latest episode of the dinner party competition got the full five stars from a horrified audience

Published: Tuesday, 5th January 2016 at 7:40 am

Cattiness, nastiness and a whole lot of tension are things we've come to expect on your average Come Dine With Me menu but last night's serving of the Channel 4 dinner party competition took things to a new level.


They say revenge is a dish best served cold and host Peter put the theory to the test as he gave dinner guest Jane a right tongue lashing when she was revealed as the winner.

His outburst didn't come from nowhere. Peter had previously been accused of inappropriate conversation at the dinner table and didn't score too highly for the five course dinner he expected to storm the competition with.

In fact, he came last, and viewers couldn't believe their eyes and ears when he opened his mouth and told Jane to "take your money and get off my property". Let's just say he didn't take her winning too well... especially not after referring to her as someone with "all the breeding of a cheap pair of shoes".

Twitter couldn't believe its eyes and ears, absolutely lapping up the Come Dine With Me Carnage.

And even the stars of Gogglebox are talking about it this morning.

Remind us never to go round Peter's for Christmas dinner...


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