Will there be a second series of London Spy?

The final scene of BBC2's spy thriller with Ben Whishaw suggested there was another story to tell – but could it work?

Just when you thought Danny had found the final solution to London Spy’s bold thriller, tonight’s final episode left the door open for a second series.


Ben Whishaw and Charlotte Rampling delivered fearsome performances as each character danced round what really happened to dead secret agent Alex.

The BBC2 mini-series had appeared to have reached its climax, with Frances revealing that she had been witness to her ‘son’s’ final moments at the hands of his captors.

And yet, in the closing moments, London Spy provided one more twist – and offered the possibility that the drama could return.

As Danny went to drive away from Frances’s lonely, dilapidated mansion, Frances went after him.

“Let’s burn them down for real,” France told Danny. She was on his side.

“You understand we don’t stand a chance,” she added, before the credits rolled.

Could this new partnership work in a new story? Has Rampling’s Frances taken the place of Jim Broadbent’s Scottie in Danny’s life? And do you think London Spy series two would be a good idea?


Vote now, and let us know how you think a second series could work – or not – in the comments below.