Steven Moffat on Sherlock and his ex-fiance Janine: “they stay in touch – maybe she gets him in the end”

"She’s a formidable lady and he still likes her," said Moffat of the woman Sherlock jilted. "If he ever needs a date to go somewhere he probably phones her up..."

There were a fair few shocks in series three of Sherlock – the truth about Mary, the return of Moriarty, John’s moustache – but not least among them was the revelation that Sherlock had a girlfriend, and that they actually got engaged.


Sadly, it all turned out to be simply a ruse by the detective to gain access to Charles Augustus Magnussen’s offices, where Janine, the lady in question, worked.

Or did it? 

One of the things that made Sherlock and Janine’s short-lived relationship so entertaining for viewers was that there really did seem to be some chemistry between them. 

Steven Moffat says that’s exactly how he and fellow co-creator Mark Gatiss felt about the couple too – and that things may not necessarily be over between them.

“We thought she was great fun and we got to the idea that they would actually have quite a good date, they actually really liked each other, and Sherlock got quite fond of her,” Moffat told an audience at the Radio Times Festival. 
“We really liked the actress [Yasmine Akram, too] and we thought we’d bring her back and it would be much more heart-breaking for him to behave appallingly to someone that we already knew and that we know he likes…”

So what happened after Sherlock jilted Janine and they went their separate ways? 

“She’s a formidable lady and he still likes her,” said Moffat. “And in my mind – whether or not we ever see it – I think they stay in touch. If he ever needs a date to go somewhere he probably phones her up…

“The other thing is – and you probably noticed it if you know the [original Sherlock Holmes] canon – is that Sherlock Holmes does end up retired to the Sussex Downs keeping bees, and she’s just bought a cottage in said place… with some bees.


“So, you know, maybe she gets him in the end…”