Suranne Jones on Doctor Foster, being scared of her wrist and how she’d deal with a cheating husband

As the marital discord of drama comes to TV, the show's star tells us her televisual loves and hates

You’re playing a doctor in your latest role, but we gather you have a fear of wrists. How do you take anyone’s pulse?
It’s not other people’s wrists I’m scared of, it’s mine, because the skin is thinner around that area. I was all right taking pulses, but I wouldn’t want you taking mine!


What kind of medical research did you do for the role?
I have to resuscitate someone in the show, and the team sent me the clip of Vinnie Jones doing CPR to the tune of Stayin’ Alive, so I could practise. I also went to a surgery in north London and sat in on patients’ appointments.

Your character Gemma Foster thinks her husband Simon is cheating. How would you deal with that if it happened to you?
I’m quite black and white, so I’d just get out. But I know that’s not how everyone deals with it. Some of my friends have been through similar things and I’ve seen how normal, reasonable people can behave in a demented way. Once you start checking people’s phones or following them, you’re in a whole heap of trouble.

What can’t you miss on TV?
I can’t wait for the next series of House of Cards. I rattled through the last one. Kevin Spacey was amazing, and I loved him breaking the fourth wall. Clare Underwood is a brilliant character: you love and hate her, and she looks great.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
The Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITVBe. There are some extreme characters you think just can’t be real. It’s a totally alien world.

What makes you turn off the TV?
Formula One, and golf. I’d rather eat my own elbow than watch either of those.

What do you wake up to?
I’ve been getting up at 4.30am for work recently, so I’ve got used to the earlybird presenters on BBC News. I’m looking forward to catching up with Lorraine on ITV.

Who controls the remote, you or your husband [magazine editor Laurence Akers]?
I’ve just moved house, and I can’t work out how to use the remote. When I do, it will be me. But my husband has similar tastes.

What would it take to get you into the I’m a Celebrity… jungle?
I wouldn’t do it. But I would definitely do Celebrity Great British Bake Off, for free!

With Bertie Carvel in Doctor Foster

What was the last show you turned down?
I get asked to do panel shows, and reality stuff, like getting in a cage with a shark. I got asked to do a Strictly special, but it’s not my bag. If I’m being interviewed that’s OK, but anything else fills me with dread.

Who was your first TV crush?
Philip Schofield. What wouldn’t you love about someone in a broom cupboard with a gopher?

Most embarrassing TV moment?
For Children in Need, when I was in Coronation Street. I wore a white cap with dodgy jeans, and I was stepping over boys while singing Blame It on the Boogie.

Is there anything you would delete from your CV?
I’m not going to say, because it’s mean. It was after Strictly Confidential and before Unforgiven. [In that period she starred in ITV drama Harley Street, which was axed after one series.]


Suranne Jones stars in Doctor Foster, beginning on BBC1 tonight (Wednesday 9th September) at 9.00pm