BBC spy thriller The Game will not return for a second series

Creator Toby Whithouse confirmed the demise of the Tom Hughes drama on Twitter

Sad news, espionage fans (and writers) – The Game is off. BBC2’s 70s spy thriller will not be returning for a second series, according to creator Toby Whithouse.


Speaking on Twitter, the Being Human and Doctor Who writer said he was “sad” and “very disappointed” with the news, but paid tribute to the “extraordinary” cast and crew who had worked on the series.

Starring Tom Hughes, Brian Cox, Paul Ritter, Victoria Hamilton, Jonathan Aris and Shaun Dooley, The Game followed the attempts of an MI5 team to discover the truth behind a Russian coup codenamed Operation Glass; only to discover that one of their own had been working for the enemy all along.


The series aired first in the United States last November on BBC America, later coming to British airwaves in April of this year.

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