Louise Brealey on the Sherlock special: Benedict and Martin in Victorian costume “just felt right”

The actress who plays morgue registrar Molly Hooper in the hit BBC1 drama talks period wigs, "robot" Martin Freeman and the "brilliance" of Benedict Cumberbatch

After well over a year, Sherlock is poised to return to our telly screens for a one-off special. Rumour has it the episode will arrive on BBC1 around Christmas 2015, but nothing’s been confirmed just yet. What we do know, though, is that things are set to look a little different…


Rather than being filmed in the streets of modern-day London, with its smartphones, blogs and 21st-century Underground network, we’ll be reunited with Sherlock, Watson and co in Victorian London

The change in setting and costume felt right “instantly”, says star Louise Brealey: “It was amazing to see Ben [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman] in the clothes you associate with Holmes and Watson.

“I thought it would feel like a jolt, and look really weird, but almost instantly it just felt right. It wasn’t strange at all.”

The 36-year-old actress, who plays love-sick registrar Molly Hooper in the hit detective drama, is also rather pleased with her own period dress. “I have a nice wig,” she told the Evening Standard

Brealey has worked alongside stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman since the show’s first episode back in 2010 – and says their technique on set is inspiring. 

“[Cumberbatch] has a technical brilliance that you then entirely forget when you’re seeing his work,” she says, adding that Freeman is “a robot, but in the most brilliant way.”

“He’s so precise: everything is thought through.”

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