Luther’s back – and he’s still not a safe distance from the edge

Filming has started on the new two-part Luther special - and Idris Elba's detective is "haunted", "hell-bent on retribution" and "closer to the edge than he's ever been"!

Filming has started on the two-part Luther special but if you were hoping that Idris Elba’s maverick detective was going to be a safe distance from the edge this time around, you’re out of luck – he’s “closer to the edge than he’s ever been”!


Crossing your fingers that he’s at least no longer haunted by demons? You’ll have mixed feelings at best when we inform you that he’s “haunted by the ghosts of his past”.

And please don’t tell us you expected the BBC detective drama to idle along in the same gear, or to dispense with those noisy explosions: “It’s explosive and definitely goes up a gear!” says Elba.

In fact, it’s “the biggest, scariest story yet”, “a terrifyingly complex case” that sees Luther “pitted against his most chilling adversary yet” and “hell-bent on retribution”.

If you don’t like Luther, this is probably not for you.


The Luther special is set to air this autumn on BBC1