Broadchurch Twitter reaction: did the #BroadchurchFinale pull the series back from the brink?

Joe Miller not guilty! Sandbrook solved! Sheffield! And the most important debate of all: does Broadchurch deserve a third series?

Broadchurch series two ended last night in gruesome but poignant fashion, with the Sandbrook killer(s) found and the Latimer family finding a closure of sorts on the beach where Danny’s body was found all those hours of TV ago.


Joe Miller was banished (say it with two syllables for extra effect: ‘Bani-shed) and Hardy and Miller were reconciled. But were you really happy to find out that ITV had commissioned another series?

Reaction to the #BroadchurchFinale was, like the whole series, mixed. Ahead of the final episode, there was genuine excitement, for all the criticism this series has come under.

And people were already trying to predict the first bombshell.

When the verdict was delivered, this happened…

Lorraine Kelly, Voice of the Nation.

Oskar McNamara, the actor who played Danny in series one, was really not happy.

So Joe Miller was NOT guilty, but there was no time to dwell on that. Where’s Claire?

Both Claire and Lee were snatched up and sent to the interview room. Case OPEN.

Although one or two people must have been very confused by this point…

As that night in Sandbrook unravelled in the interrogation room, everyone was sucked in all over again.

Well, almost everyone.

We hear you Jen.

Miller was found and taken up to the beach hut on the hill: the scene of his crime (or was it?) in series one. The whole town gathered to see him into the taxi to Bournemouth station, from where he would head to his exile in Sheffield.

Now, depending on whether this series has managed to keep you hooked, this was either the most poignant/farcical scene of the whole series.

But were we satisfied? Had this final episode drawn Broadchurch back from the brink? And when you saw the big cliffs scarred with the words ‘Boradchurch Will Return’, were you happy?

Suppose the real test is: did the drama stay with you? Did you sleep well after watching? If you happened to see this tweet from actor Shaun Dooley (killer father Ricky Gillespie), probably not.


Sweet dreams indeed.