These viewers have some questions about Wolf Hall

Couldn't they all just wear name badges?

Wolf Hall is now mid-way through its six-part run but while viewers are clearly enjoying the BBC2 adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s novels about the court of King Henry VIII (aka Damian Lewis), they still have a few questions…


Yeah, you’ll probably be waiting a while.

Indeed, there’s no history exam to be taken at the end of watching this series. So just kick back and enjoy Mark Rylance and co…

Yes, yes he is. *Adds flat hats to list of strangely attractive looks.*

We’ll answer that with the following tweet:

Basically, hit play.

It’s safe to say you can’t marry it. Not sure how a summer affair would work either – but perhaps you could be pen pals…?


Think it might just be you.

You’re not alone. After all, that’s what TV adaptations are for, right?

They probably wouldn’t have got much done (Henry might never have gotten round to starting the English Reformation. Or marrying all those wives.)

It’s the flat hat.

What do you say BBC? ‘Hi. My name is Henry VIII’ wouldn’t look too out of place, would it?

And finally, we invite you to answer a question of our own: Which Tudor are you?


Wolf Hall continues next Wednesday at 9:00pm on BBC2