Broadchurch: Has Eve Myles filmed alternate endings – and will Claire survive for series 3?

We had a cryptic chat with the Sandbrook suspect...

Oh, they’re a tricksy lot over at Broadchurch. Keeping us in the dark, giving viewers weird little clues and even misleading the cast – it’s almost impossible to know what’s going on. According to Joe Miller actor Matthew Gravelle, they’ve even gone as far as to shoot alternate endings for this series so the outcome of Danny Latimer’s trial can’t leak out to the press. They’re hardcore.


But what about the other main plotline of series two – Sandbrook? David Tennant and Olivia Colman’s Hardy and Miller have spent most of the series running about trying to solve the cold case that haunted Hardy throughout series one – so could the outcome of this investigation also have a few alternate versions?

We only ask because recently got a chance to talk to Broadchurch actress Eve Myles – who plays Claire Ripley, a possible Sandbrook suspect – and she left us with some fairly cryptic answers about what’s coming up…

Are you involved in the alternate endings?

“I know of it, I wasn’t involved with it.”

So no alternate ends for Claire?

“Um, well… I know what my journey is – I don’t know what they’re going to choose.”

So the ending’s not necessarily decided yet?

“Um…I’m the wrong person to ask.”

Myles’ first answer seems pretty definitive – she’s not filmed extra scenes, and Claire’s fate is set in stone. But the later comments cast doubt on that – were there multiple possibilities (including, perhaps, her being the Sandbrook killer) in the planning stages, with Myles unsure exactly which one the production team have gone for? Or is she just being deliberately misleading in classic Broadchurch fashion?

Notably, Myles also had some curious things to say about her potential return for another series of Broadchurch, insinuating that dark times could be ahead for Claire…

“Well, you don’t know if she lasts the second series,” she said. And when pressed for clues on what that might mean, added: “Well, the clue is I might not last the second series.”

Damn Broadchurch and their cryptic ways – it’s almost as if they don’t want people to spoil the narrative drama for themselves. Still, when asked what viewers COULD expect from the remaining four episodes, Myles did have something to say:

“They can expect some fantastic British drama, and they can expect it to really ramp up. It will shock you, it will surprise you, it’ll do everything a good British drama should do. I’m proud of it, and I’ll be watching.”


Broadchurch is on Mondays on ITV at 9:00pm