Call the Midwife’s Helen George: This is a coming of age series for Trixie

The actress who plays Nonnatus nurse Trixie talks the 1960s, wedding bells and sensitive storylines

For Helen George, Call the Midwife series four has bought a change of direction for her character Trixie, who got engaged to handsome curate Tom during episode one. 


“She’s definitely slightly turned into a Bridezilla but I think hopefully she’s looking forward to her future with Tom and then we’ll see what happens,” George tells us.

Whether or not the rest of their engagement runs smoothly, there are big changes afoot: “It’s a really interesting year for her. It’s a sort of coming of age series for her. Her friends are moving on and looking at various different careers. Jenny’s left and Cynthia’s chosen the religious life so Trixie is feeling a little bit left behind.”

We’ll find out more about Nonnatus’ bright and bubbly midwife, says George. 

“We see what’s behind the smile a lot more this year. We look at her past, her childhood and how that’s affected her life now as an adult and why she chose to be a midwife and a nurse in the first place. And the affect that her relationship with her father had on that.”

Like Cynthia, she’s also questioning her relationship with religion and “whether she’s ready to join the religious life as well through marrying a curate,” says George. 

But wedding dresses and engagement parties aside, the shocking and sensitive plotlines aren’t set to go away in this series of the hit BBC1 period drama. In fact, tonight’s episode is no exception, as we see the midwives deal with a difficult homosexuality story…

“We cover a homosexuality issue which was illegal in 1960 I think that’s quite surprising,” says George. “It doesn’t seem that long ago but yet the policies and legal implications were so different from how we have it today.

“I think it’s really interesting to cover those subjects, socially, politically and historically. Especially for our younger audiences so they can appreciate how our laws have changed.”


Call the Midwife continues tonight at 8:00pm on BBC1