Arthur, P Diddy and the best Downton Abbey spoofs

From Sesame Street to The Simpsons, ITV's hit period drama has inspired all sorts of amusing remakes and spoofs...

In may be set in the olden days, but Downton Abbey is one inspirational show. The hit ITV period drama has encouraged us to name abandoned puppies, buy four poster beds and profess we are all part of a cult. It’s roused countless celebrities to leave the blue skies of LA behind and visit the set. And, it’s also inspired a whole host of TV shows and comedy writers to reinvent the Crawleys and their upper class dramas…


Hey, HEY! 

Kids’ cartoon Arthur is the most recent show to dip a toe into Downton-land. This upcoming episode sees Muffy discover that her great-great grandmother, Mary Alice, wasn’t royalty at all. She was a common maid at, ahem, Fountain Abbey…

Downton Bloody

The Simpsons gave the Crawleys a rather unrefined makeover, with bloodthirsty animals Itchy and Scratchy starring as the Crawleys and their servants. Violet uses an umbrella to murder Bates while a mouse who looks suspiciously like Edith kills a feline Anna with a teacup and saucer. It’s awfully violent.

Can you tell me how to get to Downton Abbey?

You haven’t made it as an internationally loved TV show unless you’ve made an appearance on Sesame Street. The long-running TV show turned Downton Abbey upside down with this childish skit.

Not Lady Mary

Michelle Dockery secured her spot in American hearts when she starred in a spoof for Funny or Die. Dockery plays ass-kicking cop Connie Tough, in an advert for a new TV show. But she just can’t help accidentally becoming Lady Mary every now and again…

Downton Syndrome

Michelle Dockery again. She leant Lady Mary’s clipped and proper tones to an episode of Family Guy, which sees Stewie travel back in time where he’s born into a rich British family. Here’s a teeny tiny clip: 

Europe’s Most Eligible Bachelor 

The charming Adolph Hitler arrives at the Abbey in this CollegeHumor sketch The Britishes, which stars Peter Serafinowicz as an extra pompous Robert Crawley. 

Fresh Prince of Downton Abbey


Will Smith’s 90s comedy meets our favourite aristocrats in this funny tune, explaining how Matthew Crawley came to be the heir to Downton Abbey. “Screw the Dowager Countess, I’m Downton’s new heir…”