Broadchurch: What did DI Alec Hardy’s NHS letter say?

Just how serious are Hardy's heart problems? Read the full transcript of that briefly glimpsed doctor's letter...


DI Alec Hardy was relieved of duty due to an undeclared heart problem at the end of Broadchurch series one. When the drama returned on Monday night, we saw David Tennant’s detective popping pills and reading a letter from his local doctor headed ‘Your procedure’ in big black capitals. We don’t think it meant his investigative practices…


But just how serious are Hardy’s health problems – and what exactly did the letter say? Someone else was keen to know and nicked it after sneaking into Hardy’s home. The hooded figure – who we assume was mysterious Sandbrook suspect Lee Ashworth – took the letter into a bus shelter for a better look. And while it was only glimpsed on screen for a brief moment, via the magic of the pause and rewind buttons, plus a lot of squinting, we’ve managed to work out exactly what the letter said…

Dear Mr Hardy


I am writing to you on behalf of South Wessex NHS Trust regarding your fast approaching procedure. I am pleased to confirm your test results came back positive so we are able to continue this process. As you are already aware this is a very important issue which we believe needs to be addressed now to stop the condition from getting worse. We deal with each case individually and try to accommodate your personal needs as best we can. Appointments can be changed however in your case we recommend the procedure go ahead as soon as possible.

A follow-up letter will be sent shortly to discuss what happens next. If you need to speak to a doctor please call the number at the top of this letter to receive confidential advice on the phone. Our office hours are 10am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. We also have more information on our website about NHS Trust Procedures.

Anything that is asked or talked about is always confidential.

Yours sincerely

So, Hardy is suffering from “a very important issue which… needs to be addressed now to stop the condition from getting worse”. His doctor even reiterates that “we recommend the procedure go ahead as soon as possible”. 

It’s clearly an acute problem which could threaten his health in the near future but the fact that there is an operation that can help sounds like a positive, depending on how serious the procedure itself is. It still raises plenty of questions, though.

How soon will Hardy be forced to have the operation? Will it take place during Joe Miller’s trial, and therefore during the series? If so, how long will Hardy be out of action? Or will he jeopardise his health further by postponing the op until he’s solved Sandbrook, the case that still haunts him?


Perhaps we should phone that number for some confidential advice…