The Musketeers: “devious” Marc Warren gets thumbs up as new baddie

Series two returned without Peter Capaldi, but viewers are excited about Marc Warren as treacherous Rochefort, if not the new Friday night slot


The Musketeers returned for a swashbuckling second series last night and new baddie Marc Warren earned warm praise from readers. 


He stepped into a space left by none other than Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi, whose character, the Cardinal, died last series. 

Warren’s part as scheming Rochefort appears to be ticking the right boxes, seen double-crossing the sword-waving D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) and co from the word go.

“Marc Warren’s Rochefort is already more devious than the cardinal was,” writes one viewer as another adds, “it was awesome as expected. Thoroughly enjoyed the first series, and looking forward to this one unfolding. Marc Warren is great as Rochefort…”

“I think Marc Warren’s going to be a great baddie!!” concurs another viewer.

But there are concerns about the show’s move from a Sunday to Friday night slot.

“Great show but scheduled badly on Friday to be axed I fear, à la, Ripper Street,” one viewer predicts, referring to the BBC’s axing of the Victorian period drama in December 2013 after two series (although it has since returned on Amazon Prime Instant Video). 

“Hope it doesn’t suffer in the ratings from being on a Friday night,” another notes, with Last Tango in Halifax in its former 9pm Sunday place. Indeed, the show’s first episode of series 1 drew an average of 7.4 million viewers, while last night’s average figure came to only 3.64 million.

For some, Capaldi was the “saving grace” of the show as others suggested the content is more suited to children’s channel CITV. 


But for many readers, it seems this is a series they’ll be wanting to see more of. What did you think? Have your say here or on our Facebook page.