How Twitter felt while watching The Missing

From utter confusion to stunned disbelief, social media followed James Nesbitt and last night's episode of the BBC1 thriller to its bitter end

BBC drama The Missing had everyone on tenterhooks again on Tuesday night, although judging by the Twitter reaction the thriller has been a rollercoaster in more ways than one for some.


With the action jumping from 2006 to the present day and back again over eight episodes, even if you’re as sharp as detective Julian Baptiste there’s a chance you could get left behind.

So if you felt just a tad confused in the buildup to that thrilling finale, you weren’t alone…

But this is powerful drama, and as the episode began there were a few people who seemed happy to be a little bit lost.

But if everyone, from Gavin & Stacey’s Mathew Horne to Les Mis star Samantha Barks, love it surely it’s worth sticking with?

Hmmm, maybe not. Not everyone went along with some of last night’s more improbable storylines:

And the hair-raising time jumps didn’t help either…

In other confusion news, how’s your French these days? What about Romanian?

Half-way through, there was a moment where it seemed like the drama had lost viewers for good.

After all, there’s nothing angrier than carefully-chosen emoticons…

But then, in the last five minutes, EVERYTHING changed.


Bravo James Nesbitt and Ken Stott. And yes, you have seen them together before…