The Missing poll: do you still feel sorry for Tony Hughes?

James Nesbitt's character in The Missing has been consumed by the loss of his son, but after episode five's revelation can we really still root for him?


The shocking conclusion to the latest instalment of The Missing means we will never be able to see father Tony Hughes in the same light again.


The episode (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) ended with James Nesbitt’s character covered in the blood of shady property developer and confessed child abuser Ian Garrett. Tony – we now know – is a murderer.

The drama’s ingenious time-shifting means that we must reassess everything we think we know about Tony in the present day – and the question hanging over everything is: do we still feel sorry for Olly’s Dad?

Remember, for example, Julian Baptiste’s question in episode four, as he and Tony shared yet another drink? “You’re so sure there’s nothing you’ve done that you regret?” he asked Tony. How much does Julian know – or guess – about Tony’s role in Ian’s ‘disappearance’?

Ian’s history of abuse was horrific, but he had nothing to do with Olly going missing. How can Tony expect police justice for himself and his son if he took retribution into his own hands when confronting Ian?

Julian and teacher Rini are just two of the people who have already risked their lives to help Tony search for his son. Does he deserve their help?

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The Missing continues Tuesday 2 December at 9pm on BBC1