Have we already seen all the good bits in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Teasers, trailers, teasers for trailers... What more is there to see? asks Ellie Walker-Arnott


A new full-length Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is doing the rounds on the world wide web today, full of new, steamy shots of Christian and Ana’s seduction: ice cubes, handcuffs and flushed faces to the sound of Beyonce’s sultry tones.


And while it was much hyped and highly anticipated, watching it felt a bit like finding your presents before Christmas Day. 

Universal wants to tempt, tease and titillate to ensure there are hundreds of thousands of eager bums on seats when the film hits cinemas next February. They are attempting a prolonged seduction, hoping fans of EL James’ naughty novels will be beside themselves by the time the box office is open.

But the problem is, when so much of a film is leaked out in teasers, trailers and teasers for trailers (yes, they are a thing now) it almost does the opposite. It takes away any anticipation and ruins the surprise. 

So far, in just four clips, we’ve witnessed Christian and Ana’s initial meeting; their second meeting; the photo shoot, coffee and lift scene. We’ve seen the first night they spend together, a helicopter ride, a glider trip and dinner at his parents. We’ve watched the moment Ana steps into the red room, heard Christian warning her off and watched her worrying about their compatibility. We’ve spied whips, chains, blindfolds and a fair bit of exposed flesh.  

I can only assume the much-anticipated movie will merely be an extended version of this trailer footage. If there are no huge plot twists or shocking changes to EL James’ narrative, surely we’ve already watched the highlights of the film? What more is there to see?

When it comes to overexposure, Fifty Shades isn’t even the guiltiest party. (Though, it’s worth remembering we’ve still got three months before it hits cinemas – plenty more teaser time.)

At last count, The Hunger Games’ most recent film Mockingjay – Part 1 (in cinemas 21st Nov) has released 15 posters as well as six TV spots, two teasers, two full-length trailers and two clips on their official YouTube page. That’s not even counting three Panem TV addresses and six District Voices clips. That’s an awful lot of promotional material.

Sure, we’re not a blameless party here. Fans want sneak peeks of their favourite films. We write about them, you read them. But if a real sense of excitement is what filmmakers want, perhaps it’s time to slow down the teaser treadmill?


Fifty Shades of Grey will be in UK cinemas 13th February 2015