Here’s what tonight’s Benedict Cumberbatch BBC trailer is likely to sound like

The Sherlock star is to perform Shakespeare's All the World's a Stage soliloquy over a montage of BBC drama shows - but those who remember a certain Google ad from two years ago may find the experience rather familiar...


All the world’s a stage – and there’s nothing new under the sun…


Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch’s warm brown voice will be pleased by today’s announcement that tonight, just before 9pm, they can hear the Sherlock star performing the famous All the World’s a Stage soliloquy, from Shakespeare’s As You Like It, on BBC1.

The monologue will appear in a trailer featuring a montage of BBC shows past, present and future to celebrate the Corporation’s drama output. But to those who were paying attention a couple of years ago when Google had a similar idea, it may sound rather familiar.

Cumberbatch performed lines from the same excerpt in Google’s ad for their new social media experiment Google+. So here, for those who just can’t wait for tonight’s trailer, is a sneak preview of what it might sound like. The images, of course, will be different  if no less dramatic…


You can watch the trailer here from 9pm tonight. Or on BBC1 at 8:58pm.