Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston to go undercover in The Infiltrator

The actor will join the side of the angels as he plays real-life customs and excises agent Robert Mazur

Bryan Cranston spent years dazzling viewers and critics alike with his portrayal of chemistry teacher turned crystal meth manufacturer Walter White in TV series Breaking Bad – but for his next film role, it looks like he’s headed to the other side of the War on Drugs.


In The Infiltrator Cranston will play real-life customs and excise agent Robert Mazur, who goes under cover to investigate Colombian drug cartels and is forced to live a shady double live to maintain his ever more desperate façade.  Sound familiar? 

The film will see Cranston reteam with director Brad Furman (who he worked with on The Lincoln Lawyer), and is based on Robert Mazur’s autobiography of the same name – though doubtless Cranston can bring a bit of know-how himself from a few years mentally embedded in the drug trade.


Sadly, however, there’s no sign of Cranston’s character needing a mouthy yet vulnerable sidekick with a love of bad language – so Aaron Paul will probably have to sit this one out.