Richard Curtis: My next film’s completely different to anything I’ve done before – and in Portuguese

The writer of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually says that his upcoming film Trash is an "extraordinary" departure from his usual style


Famed for his blockbuster rom-coms like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually – many film fans might think they know exactly what to expect from a Richard Curtis film. But that’s all about to change, it seems…


His next film will be a “completely different style”… and in a foreign language.   

“Actually, I’ve written a film in Portuguese… which is an extraordinary thing to work on.” the writer said when asked about his next project at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

The film he was describing, Trash, will come out just after Christmas – and it sounds like there’s almost certainly no chance of bumbling declarations of love by Hugh Grant.

“I wrote the script and then Stephen [Daldry, the director] went out to Brazil and it was done with three kids who’d never acted before in an extraordinary improvisational style.”

Already quite a departure for Curtis – but surely he’ll be sticking to his romantic comedy ballpark? A nice Christmassy romance, à la Love Actually? Er, no…

“It’s an action thriller… so I don’t know if you’ll even be able to see my influence,” added Curtis. “But I did work jolly hard on it!”

His work didn’t extend as far as learning Portuguese, however – “It was a straight translation,” he told the crowd. If you’re feeling intrigued, here’s the trailer.

Curtis also spoke about the importance of casting to his films. “On the whole, you’re trying to find someone who magically does the lines right. When we audition my films, until we find the right actor, nothing works at all.”

“Definitely it isn’t the kind of writing that works no matter what performance is given,” he concluded.


Trash will be released in UK cinemas in January 2015