*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Brassic season 5.*


After the success of Brassic season 5, it's no wonder that fans are eagerly anticipating when they can get their next fix of the hit comedy series.

Season 5 continued in the same comedic vein of previous seasons, but with a little more of a serious tone as the gang struggled to make sense of Dylan's (Damien Molony) disappearance.

While the last that was previously seen of Dylan was him being bundled into the back of a car in season 4, the finale most certainly is on par to pack a punch. As Michelle Keegan has previously teased about the finale, that final episode is "typical Brassic".

The series follows Vinnie (Joe Gilgun) and his group of friends in the fictional town of Hawley. Living with bipolar disorder, we see Vinnie through his therapy sessions and in more chaotic adventures as he and his friends undertake various jobs to make money.

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As well as Keegan returning to her role as Erin, series creator and lead actor Gilgun reprises his role as Vinnie while the rest of the cast sees the return of familiar faces and new characters such as Bhavna Limbachia as Meena and Camille Cottin as Fiona Frank.

We do know that the series will next be back on our screens for a special 2023 Christmas episode but are further episodes in the works? Read on for everything you need to know about Brassic season 6.

Will there be a Brassic season 6?

Brassic cast standing in a field
Brassic. Sky

While there's been much speculation about the future of the comedy series, Brassic is returning for season 6.

The sixth series is currently in production but there have been previous reports that the show has been axed, which would come into effect after season 6.

The reports on The Mirror stated that some of the cast felt that "it’s time to move on" from the show but since then, both Sky and Brassic's executive producer, David Livingston, have responded to the rumours.

A spokesperson for Sky told MailOnline: "Brassic has not been cancelled. The show remains one of Sky's best performing original comedies. With a highly successful series five launch just last week, it is a firm favourite with our customers.

"A growing number of them continue to discover this award-winning series on demand and as it airs on Sky Max, Thursdays 10pm."

Similarly, Livingston said added: "The series isn't being cancelled. We just released series five and the ratings are though the roof with a Christmas special and a sixth series in production. As the Brassic character Farmer Jim might say, 'This is horse #*!!.'"

Brassic season 6 release date speculation

As for when we can expect season 6 to land on our screens, we can expect the series to follow its usual pattern of a September release.

The sixth season is currently in production, so we would assume the next season would be released in September 2024.

Brassic season 6 cast: Who could return?

As for who could return in Brassic season 6, we would hope that the main cast would all be making a return, so that would mean Gilgun would reprise his lead role as Vinnie, as well as Keegan as Erin, Tom Hanson as Cardi, Aaron Heffernan as Ash, Ryan Sampson as Tommo, Parth Thakerar as JJ, Joanna Higson as Sugar and Steve Evets as Jim.

Revealing more about what we can expect from his character in season 6, Neil Ashton (who plays Davey) said that fans can expect more of him and his onscreen family, meaning that the career criminal could very well continue to be a thorn in the gang's side.

As for else we can expect in season 6, be warned as there are major spoilers ahead.

The finale delivered the surprise twist that Terence McCann (Ramon Tikaram) has been orchestrating a hit against the gang from inside his prison cell. We last saw the antagonist in the first few series, but it looks like he could make a re-appearance in season 6.

The final season 5 episode also revealed that Dylan (Molony) is alive and well, although reveals to Vinnie via voicemail that he misses him and warns him about Manolito.

While many could think it could have been a flashback, the voicemail actually rings up on Vinnie's phone in the present, so that means Dylan could perhaps make another appearance in season 6, although it is yet to be confirmed.

The cast members that we'd expect to make a return in Brassic season 6 are as follows.

  • Joe Gilgun as Vinnie
  • Michelle Keegan as Erin
  • Tom Hanson as Cardi
  • Aaron Heffernan as Ash
  • Ryan Sampson as Tommo
  • Parth Thakerar as JJ
  • Joanna Higson as Sugar
  • Steve Evets as Farmer Jim
  • Jude Riordan as Tyler
  • Dominic West as Dr Chris Coxley
  • Ramon Tikaram as Terence McCann
  • Bronagh Gallagher as Carol
  • Samantha Power as Donna
  • Lee Mack as Eddie
  • Bhavna Limbachia as Meena
  • Dan Skinner as Phil
  • Carl Rice as Ronnie
  • Neil Ashton as Davey
  • Muzz Khan as Adyan
  • Johann Heske as Hans
  • Mark O’Halloran as Francis
  • Annette Badland as Rhoda
  • Rachid Sabitri as Manolito
  • Camille Cottin as Fiona Frank
  • Steven Hartley as Russell Hardwick

What will Brassic season 6 be about?

After the surprise season 5 finale, it certainly leaves things on quite the cliffhanger for season 6.

The final episode not only revealed that McCann (Ramon Tikaram) and Manolito have been working together to take down Vinnie and the gang, but it also revealed that things could only be set to get more sinister in season 6.

While on the phone, we see that McCann is dishing out orders from his prison cell but tells Manolito to "do whatever you need to do", with the camera then panning to a gun in Manolito's hand.

The other major surprise in the finale was that Dylan is actually alive and well but is on the run due to Manolito's threats to Erin (Keegan) and her son Tyler. Dylan admits that he believed Manolito and used it as his chance to start again and have a new life. While his message to Vinnie certainly seems quite final, perhaps Vinnie may want to reunite with his old pal or attempt to bring him back to Hawley.

We're sure the sixth season will hold much of the same chaos and misadventure for the group but with JJ in prison, Sugar having just had a baby (that may not be his) and Vinnie none the wiser at to what Manolito and his old foe McCann are plotting, we're sure it's going to be another series packed full of twists.

Of course, in the meantime, we do have Brassic's 2023 Christmas special to look forward to, with Keegan teasing: "You know what's going to happen, don't you? Everything's just going to go wrong for Christmas.

"The gang are going to try and make it special for everyone, and somewhere down the line, things are going to go t**s up in true Brassic fashion!"

She added: "I really hope we do the nativity and all the gang are dressed up as different characters. I can see Cardi being a donkey or something, and then Tommo just dressed up as the star in a really bad mood because it's not a real role. It’s going to be carnage with heart!"

Is there a trailer for Brassic season 6?

Slow down! As season 6 is still in production, we're a way off getting a trailer for season 6 just yet. Instead, have a watch of the season 5 trailer below.

Brassic season 5 continues every Thursday at 10pm on Sky Max. Stream all episodes on demand. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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