It is happening again… Twin Peaks to return in 2016

David Lynch announces the return of the surreal cult favourite

Damn good news Twin Peaks fans. Damn good!


Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have posted a typically cryptic message on the YouTube account of American channel Showtime, announcing that the cult favourite will return in 2016.

After a brief clip of Laura Palmer snapping her fingers, “25 years later” appears on screen, before a long slow zoom into the ‘Welcome to Twin Peaks’ sign, accompanied by Angelo Badalamenti’s classic soundtrack and the caption “2016.” 

Showtime have said it will return as a “limited series” of nine episodes. Set in the present day, the network say it will provide a “satisfying conclusion”. The original series featured an infamously ambiguous finale that has left fans speculating to this day. There’s no word yet on when exactly it will air or when it might show in other countries. 

In the show, the murdered schoolgirl Laura Palmer often appeared to FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) in hallucinations and visions. And in one, she promised to return in 25 years. The show went off the air in 1991 (yes, 25 years prior to 2016), but has remained a cult favourite.

Lynch and Frost have been dropping hints for a while now, including both posting the same tweet that referenced two of the show’s catchphrases.

Now the director and writer appear to have confirmed the news directly. “Dear Twitter Friends” writes Lynch. “it is happening again.” 

Excellent news, but just remember: the owls are not what they seem.


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