Which period drama would you be in?

Would you be living it up with the Crawleys in Downton Abbey, drinking tea with the midwives of Nonnatus or working your fingers to the bone with Esther Price down at The Mill?

There’s something very appealing about period drama.


We all love to snuggle down on our sofas on a Sunday night and delve into the not-too-distant past – whether the reason we tune in is the politics, the attention to detail, the dresses or the dramas. But if you were magically transported into TV land (don’t scoff. It could happen), where would you find yourself? 

Would you ride the cobbles like the nuns of Nonnatus in Call the Midwife, toil away in the fields like the miserable Middletons in The Village, drink your troubles away with Don Draper or make your fortune alongside Mr Selfridge?


Time to find out where you’d call home…