Bryan Cranston “will return” as Walter White in Breaking Bad spin-off

Reports from Hollywood that the character will make a stunning comeback in some form on Better Call Saul

* spoilers *


Reports of the demise of Walter White appear to be exaggerated.

Not only has Bryan Cranston, the actor who played the teacher-turned-meth dealer in Breaking Bad, suggested that he may not have died in the series finale. Now it has emerged that White’s character will be appearing in the spin off series Better Call Saul.

According to, Cranston’s character will “definitely” appear in either flashback or flash-forward scenes that production insiders promise will not be “gimmicky”.

“With the new show coming and the possibility of flashbacks or flash-forwards, there is going to be something with Walter White,” a source revealed.

The nature of White’s reappearance of course hinges on the nature of Better Call Saul which has already been confirmed as a prequel by US network AMC and is set to focus on Saul’s life before the fast-talking lawyer played by Bon Odenkirk was embroiled with Walter in Breaking Bad. 

But other mouthwatering possibilities are on the cards. Cranston himself indicated last week that his own character may not have died at the end of series six of Breaking Bad.

Asked whether Walter was indeed dead, Cranston has told CNN last week, “I don’t know. You never saw bags zip up or anything, or anybody say… you know.” And asked about the possibility of more Breaking Bad he added: “Never say never.”


Although whether bringing Walter White back is a good idea is also likely to be a subject of intense debate among fans.