Mr Selfridge’s Jeremy Piven: British TV shows are given a chance to find their legs

America is a tougher market to keep your series on the air, says the Entourage actor

Jeremy Piven’s back in Blighty to step into Harry Gordon Selfridge’s shoes once again so at last night’s Bafta TV Awards, we asked the question on the tip of every Mr Selfridge fan’s tongue: What can we expect from series three?


“We hit the ground running in season three and it’s drama from the jump,” he revealed. “Right from the start you’re going to see something you won’t expect that’s very joyous and something that is tragic.”

Three years in and the ITV drama is still going strong but the Entourage actor is aware that may not have been the case if the show had been made across the pond in America.

“The States is a little more difficult because there’s more competition and more channels so if your ratings aren’t at a certain point, they’re going to pull you. Here you do get more of a chance for your show to find its legs which is important.”