Star Trek and Lost composer to score Jurassic World

Michael Giacchino, who's also worked on Mission Impossible, Up and Ratatouille, will be writing the musical score for Colin Trevorrow's new dinosaur reboot

It’s one of the most iconic scores in cinema land. And it’s about to get an overhaul from Lost and Star Trek Into Darkness’ composer Michael Giacchino. 


That’s right, Jurassic World has found itself a new composer. 

Giacchino has signed on to compose the music for Colin Trevorrow’s dinosaur blockbuster reboot, following in the footsteps of John Williams, who scored the first two films (as well as that incredibly catchy theme tune) and Don Davis, who worked on Jurassic Park III. 

The composer’s “all-new Jurassic World score will weave in iconic themes from John Williams’ classic Jurassic Park score”, reports Deadline.  

Now, Giacchino definitely knows what he’s doing. As well as Lost and Star Trek, he’s written the scores for films such as Up, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Cars 2. He’s won awards at the Baftas, Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys and even the Oscars. Plus he’s already composed music for a number of Jurassic Park video games.

But John Williams’ (the man who lent his musical genius to the likes of Jaws, Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter) are big boots to fill.

So, in case Giacchino needs any inspiration when it comes to the score for Jurassic World, we suggest he listens to these gems before he puts minim to music manuscript. If only for a little light entertainment…

Perhaps he could incorporate some surprising instruments. You know, think outside the box.

Or make up some lyrics… 

Embrace a whole new genre, perhaps?

This guy is actually pretty good…

Yeah. We could be veering off the point slightly here.

Jurassic World will be in UK cinemas 12 June 2015