Noah film screening cancelled… due to flooding

Life imitates art in Exeter as a screening of Russell Crowe's biblical epic is halted after flooding incident

Cinema goers keen to see Russell Crowe’s biblical epic Noah got more than they bargained for last week when a Vue cinema was forced to shut because of… you guessed it, flooding. 


In a case of rather brilliant irony, life imitated art when the first showing of the blockbuster had to be cancelled at a cinema in Exeter because of excess water. 

Staff at the branch discovered the flooding when they arrived for work the morning of Noah’s UK release and were forced to shut the cinema and cancel the first screening of the film, which is inspired by the Bible story of Noah as he battles to build an Ark before the Earth is overcome by almighty floods. 

Luckily, the flooding in Exeter wasn’t of a biblical scale. And reportedly it was caused by a fault with an ice machine rather than an angry higher power. 

Noah is currently in UK cinemas