Kevin Spacey: People thought Netflix House of Cards deal was “crazy”

“I’m used to people thinking I’m nuts. And you know what? I kind of love it”, says the actor

Kevin Spacey says he’s picky about the roles he takes on, even when people think he’s making strange decisions. 


“People thought I was crazy 11 years ago when I moved to London and started a theatre company,” Spacey tells Hollywood Reporter. “’What is he doing? He’s out of his mind’. People thought we were crazy when we made the Netflix deal for House of Cards. ‘They’re out of their minds, it’ll never work’. 

“I’m used to people thinking I’m nuts. And you know what? I kind of love it.”

Of course House of Cards has attracted many viewers to the subscription service. While viewing figures are a closely guarded secret, many fans around the world are thought to have watched the entire second series in one sitting. A predicted figure of 660,000 in the US in the first weekend alone.

And the man behind Frank Underwood isn’t afraid to turn down roles either. 

“Unless it’s Martin Scorsese, and it’s a really significant role, f**k off. I’m not playing someone’s brother. I’m not playing the station manager. I’m not playing the FCC chairman,” the actor adds. 

Although the actor appears to have caught the political bug, set to take on the role of Winston Churchill in the film Captain of the Gate. It will follow the rise of the British Prime Minister during the Second World War, although no details of filming or release date have been confirmed.

Nevertheless, Spacey intends to play with the rules of the industry. 

“I was already suffering from, ‘He always plays evil guys’. ‘He’s always the dark character’. People love to box us in and I wasn’t going to be boxed. I decided I was going to f**k with it.”