Noah stars Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman on puppies, godly hair and snogging Emma Watson

The two young actors - who play Shem and Ham in the biblical epic - tell how awkward they both found smooching the Harry Potter star


The two young stars of Noah have a bone to pick with me. I dared to suggest that Douglas Booth sported some “dodgy” hair as Noah’s son Shem in the biblical epic and Logan Lerman came flying to his defence: “I think that’s insulting, his hair is godly and awesome. How do you not like his hair,” he challenged me, before turning to his co-star and reassuring him, “You have the greatest hair in the movie.” Uh-oh… 


The two share more than a screen (and I’m not talking about an appreciation for Douglas’s locks). Both are the envy of their friends after enjoying a smooch on camera with Emma Watson (Douglas in Noah and Logan in 2012’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower). “If only they knew how awkward it was,” sighed Logan. Watch the full interview below…

Noah is released in UK cinemas on Friday 4 April. Read the Radio Times review here