Call the Midwife: Jenny leaves Nonnatus House

After a heart wrenching episode, which saw us say farewell to Jenny's boyfriend Alec, the midwife leaves the East End for the Motherhouse


Well, what an episode that was. After last week’s lighthearted worries about those fake theatre tickets, it came as a bit of a shock. 


One minute Jenny and Alec’s biggest problem was the prim and proper midwife not being able to say the words ‘I love you’ and the next we were at Alec’s funeral and waving goodbye to Jenny Lee. 

The episode started off with Alec asking Jenny if she’d like to go away for the weekend to Brighton. A delighted Jenny quickly set about buying herself a new dress, but before long she began to worry about Alec’s intentions, and whether or not they were honourable. 

All that paled into insignificance though when Alec suffered a great fall at work. Doctor Turner tried his hardest to help Jenny’s boyfriend, but he couldn’t save his left foot. And soon the situation worsened, as Jenny was told to rush to hospital to see an ailing Alec, only to be told he’d already passed away when she arrived. 

It was an episode which will likely have shocked and chocked up many Midwife fans, as Jenny tried to come to terms with her loss before deciding to leave Nonnatus House all together. 

“Grief manifests itself in many complex ways,” says Jessica Raine, who plays Jenny Lee.

“There’s a period of horror, numbness and awful realisation that he’s not coming back. And of course guilt that she never really gave herself to him in the way he wanted.”

“In the end, she feels she needs some time out from Nonnatus House to recoup,” she added.

So we ended up saying goodbye to two of our favourite familiar faces this week. Episode five and the future of the show feels a little bleak. Let’s just hope Jenny isn’t at the Motherhouse for too long… 

Watch our interview with Jessica and Leo Staar: 

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1.