Doctor Who: First on set picture of Peter Capaldi released by the BBC

The new Doctor is shown relaxing with co-star Jenna Coleman

The wait is over.


This is what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor looks like in his new role. Or is it?

It’s actually what he looks like wearing Matt Smith’s costume after the regeneration, which millions of fans witnessed during the Christmas special.

It is, however, the first on-set picture released by the BBC but a spokesperson for the show has made it clear that it is not how he will look in the series.

But it does appear to confirm at least one thing.

Whether you think Capaldi is the12th, 13th or even the 14th Doctor, the first episode of the next series looks like it will carry on from the moment he regenerated from Matt Smith’s Doctor…

Today marks the day Capaldi starts filming his first full episode as the Time Lord in and around Cardiff.

The actor has already got into the spirit of working in Wales by attending Sunday’s screening at Bafta Cymru of the second Sherlock episodes. He signed autographs for fans outside.

Already, his approach to the role has been the subject of fevered speculation, with many fans wondering what a 55-year-old Doctor will bring to the role.

Details of the costume are still being kept firmly under wraps, although is look is expected to mix old and new according to BBC sources.