Downton Abbey Christmas special: Was it better than last year?

Was tonight's gentle royal drama better or worse than last year's dramatic and deadly instalment? You decide...

In the last few years Downton Abbey has become as synonymous with Christmas as straining waistbands and family arguments.


Last year we all sat down, hoping for a slice of festive joy – remember 2011 when Christmas was marked by Matthew getting down on bended knee as the snow swirled around the Abbey? – but instead we were “treated” to two hours of boring plot filler before lovely Matthew was killed in a car crash. On Christmas Day. Talk about putting you off your turkey sandwich.

This year though there were no such dramas – no births, no deaths, no dramatic declarations of undying love. Instead the Crawley’s set off for London where Rose got herself tangled up in a royal scandal, Bates’ prison skills came in handy and the Levinsons became the target of some aristocratic gold diggers. It was all fairly inoffensive.


But what do you reckon? Was this year’s gentle episode better or worse than last year’s dramatic one?