Downton Abbey: Which love interest should Lady Mary choose?

Lord Gillingham, Charles Blake, Evelyn Napier... That girl's got a lot of choice when it comes to the next man in her life

Mary Crawley is one lucky Lady.


Most of us would happily blackmail an Earl for just one wealthy, handsome and interested suitor. But the recently widowed Downton Abbey heiress has so many potential love interests she doesn’t know what to do with them.

As we reach the end of series four, the big question on everyone’s lips is… which dashing chap should Lady Mary select as her next husband?

First up we’ve got Lord Anthony Gillingham. He declared his undying love for Mary mere hours after they met and even said he’d ditch his fiancé in the vague hope that one day, maybe, far away in the future she might just snog him. Which did strike us as overly keen. But he’s of the right social standing and he is really rather lovely to look at. Has he ruined his chances by showing his hand so early on, though? Treat ’em mean and all that, Tony.

Charles Blake really does know his way around a pigpen. And a knowledge of swine is one of the top five things all women look for in a partner. He was rather haughty to begin with, and him and Mary didn’t get off to the best start. But Mary does like to be challenged. Then again, Charles is opposed to the aristocracy and all it stands for so maybe they’re not that well matched after all…

Will poor Evelyn Napier ever build up the courage to make a proper move on Mary? He’s been hanging around since series one but he keeps being upstaged, first by dreamy Pamuk and now by his boss Charles Blake. Napier has made no secret of his affection for Mary and the overly polite and softly spoken fellow would surely make a dedicated and reliable husband, but should Mary settle for safe?

Back at the start of series four there were mutterings about how maybe Lady Mary and Branson were destined to find love. It would be oh so handy. They already live together. We know they get on. They are both widowed. They’ve both got little babies. It does seem unlikely at this stage, but you know how Julian Fellowes likes a shock. Maybe the pair will dramatically declare their love for each other over their Christmas turkey dinners?

Or maybe Mary will throw a complete curve ball with her next squeeze. Sybil already broke down the class barrier by marrying Branson, why shouldn’t Mary find a new man in the servants quarters? Perhaps shiny haired, social climber Jimmy will get his lucky break…?

Luckily we’ve created a poll so you can all have your say on this incredibly important subject…


Downton Abbey series four concludes on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV. The period drama will return for a festive special later this year.