Downton Abbey Christmas special 2013 – Is anyone going to die?

Well... thankfully no, according to the hit period drama's executive producer Liz Trubridge


Are you still traumatised by Matthew Crawley’s death in last year’s Christmas special? Can you still see that gruesome trickle of blood when you close your eyes? Well, we’ve got some good news… 


You can put away those tissues, Downton fans. Julian Fellowes isn’t set to (completely and utterly) ruin your festive break for the second year in a row.

Of this year’s episode, Downton Abbey’s executive producer Liz Trubridge has said: “Nobody dies, that much I can tell you.” Go on, breathe that sigh of relief. 

“I am sorry about last year,” she went on, speaking to TV & Satellite Week, “but what do you do when you have a treasured character who wants to leave? But we won’t do that this time!”

That doesn’t mean this year’s Christmas special won’t be packed full of drama, though. In fact, Trubridge has called it the special, which will not be set at Christmas and won’t see the family and the servants split like last year, the “most spectacular” and “biggest episode we have ever done”. 

In fact, that’s not to say that nothing bad will happen either. Trubridge hasn’t ruled out serious illnesses, devastating fire, bankruptcy, mysterious disappearances, kidnap, heartbreak…  I mean. It is Downton after all.

Downton Abbey series four concludes on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV.