How Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary went from demure to dirty in double quick time

The seventh episode of Downton Abbey series four saw Mary roll around in mud. Yes, that's right. The prim and proper Crawley got down and dirty with the pigs - and did some manual labour!

Last night’s Downton Abbey saw the frosty Crawley heir transform from the epitome of elegance and etiquette to something all together unrecognisable.


From the dining room of Downton Abbey to a muddy pig pen, here’s how it happened…

Preened to perfection in velvet, chiffon, gloves and pearls. Lady Mary as we know and love her. 

A trip to the pig pen isn’t our idea of a fun post-dinner activity. But each to their own, old chap… 

What’s this? The pig man has been frightfully slapdash and the pigs are in dire straits. Somewhere along the way Lady Mary must have seen someone pick up one of these bucket thingiess. You put water in them, right?

Good lord! Mary, what has happened? The water was for the pigs, not you. It’s not even raining outside. How on earth are you THIS wet and muddy? 

We’ve never witnessed such a speedy fall (geddit) from grace. Mary is literally sat in muck. Where is that darned pig man when you need him?

We feel your pain, Mary, really we do. This is a dreadful turn of events. You thought poor Pamuk had potential to ruin your reputation, but rolling around in pig muck? That’s social suicide… 

Did you just flick mud in Mary’s face, Blake? Don’t you know who she is? 

Well, we are glad you can see the funny side, Mary. 

But come on, now. It’s not that funny. You wouldn’t be laughing if you could see yourself in the mirror. 

As if we weren’t confused enough…

Is Mary COOKING? We were fairly certain she’d never set foot in a kitchen before, let along learned how to whip up scrambled eggs. What is the world coming to?

Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV.