Ray Winstone: “The best scripts come from television”

“There’s a lot of crap in films," says the hardman actor - but we're still not in a "golden age" for the small screen

“The best scripts come from television,” says Ray Winstone.


Speaking at an event publicising his new Sky drama Moonfleet, which airs this Christmas, he said: “There’s a lot of crap in films. Nowadays in films they want to do this kind of car chase movies like The Sweeney.”

However the actor, who himself starred in that big-screen update of the classic cop drama, said he was dubious about claims of a “golden age of television”.

“We are not there yet. I think we are getting there,” he said, adding that many scripts for TV are still “rubbish”.

”The problem for me is I turn the telly on and it’s cooking shows and crap like that. I don’t want to see a geezer cooking an egg. As a viewer I want to watch drama.”