Why there will be no Mad Men spin-off

"This is it... When it's done, it's done," said show creator Matthew Weiner when asked about the possibility of a new series


Any Breaking Bad fans mourning the imminent conclusion to their favourite show were cheered earlier this month by confirmation of a long-rumoured spin-off show for Walter White’s lawyer, Saul Goodman.


But don’t expect similar appeasement from Mad Men boss Matthew Weiner. He has made clear that his hit series – which will air its sixth and final season in two halfs, concluding in Spring 2015 – will not spawn any spin-off shows. 

“There’s no chance,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at a pre-Emmys bash. “No judgement against anybody else – but this is it. This is the story. When it’s done, it’s done.”

So don’t hold your breath for a Pete Cambell or Peggy Olsen spin-off series, then… The news may come as a disappointment to fans who only last month were teased by comments from actor Kevin Rahm (who played Ted) about hopes for a new series following his character and Pete’s endeavours in the Los Angeles branch of Sterling Cooper & Partners – a prospect US network AMC may have shown interest in based on the recent Breaking Bad and Walking Dead spin-off announcements. 

Weiner went on to claim that he had little involvement with the network over the decision to split the final season of Mad Men over two years, following the successful example set by Breaking Bad which has built extraordinary hype ahead of its finale on 29 September. 

“It’s a strategy from the network and I was told about it,” he said. “I found a way to work with it. That’s all I can say. I think it’s an opportunity.”

Mad Men has ten nominations at tomorrow night’s Emmys, including a nod for outstanding drama series, an award the show took home four consecutive times between 2008-2011.