Benedict Cumberbatch: I’m very computer illiterate

The Fifth Estate star says he didn’t take to the techy aspect of Julian Assange’s character naturally as co-star Daniel Bruhl admits he's forgotten all his new passwords

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that getting to grips with the very technical aspects of Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder he plays in The Fifth Estate, wasn’t something that came easily to him.


Learning about Assange and his technical abilities, Cumberbatch admits, “I’m very computer illiterate. I interface with easy, sleek looking, user-friendly software.”

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival Cumberbatch continues, “It’s fascinating to explore that aspect of him and Julian’s pioneering work in computer hacking, but as an education it wasn’t one I took to naturally.”

Indeed, co-star Daniel Bruhl who plays Daniel Domscheit-Berg in the film, says the former WikiLeaks spokesperson told him he could hack his computer in five minutes.

“I changed my passwords after that. Now I can’t remember them,” laughs Bruhl.

The pair admit taking on all of the WikiLeaks information was confusing.

“We wanted to have empathy,” said Bruhl, adding, “We talked a lot about it in the trailer. It was very contradictory. There’s a lot of information there. I was mainly trusting Daniel and so did Benedict with Julian.”

Cumberbatch concurs, “It’s very well covered and there’s a lot of opinions as well as actual facts.”