Downton Abbey introduces three dashing new gentlemen

Get a first look at Tom Cullen, Gary Carr and Julian Ovenden, the ITV period drama's new eye-candy

Since Matthew Crawley’s untimely demise during the closing minutes of the Downton Abbey Christmas special, we’ve found ourselves in something of a slump.


We’d spent episode upon episode willing Lady Mary and handsome Matthew together. We cried when it looked like Mary would never get her Matthew, cheered (secretly, in our heads) when Lavinia died and beamed when the couple finally said “I do”. And then what did Julian Fellowes go and do? Well, he… actually we’re still too upset to talk about it.

But now we’ve got something to be cheerful about again.

THREE strapping young men are joining the Abbey and are set to spice things up in series four. We’ve got Gary Carr, a Death in Paradise star set to play charismatic American musician Jack Ross; Tom Cullen, as Lord Anthony, a family friend of the Crawleys and potential squeeze for widowed Mary; and Julian Ovenden, whose aristocrat Charles Blake will arrive at the Abbey with Evelyn Napier (the same man who brought Pamuk into the picture in series one – let’s hope Charles’s visit ends better than his…)

Just look at these dashing gents in their dapper suits. Matthew who…?



Downton Abbey returns to ITV this autumn with an eight-part series and a Christmas special