Why Benedict Cumberbatch is a “sex god”, according to body language experts

The Sherlock and Star Trek star has been branded an unlikely pin-up. But is he in fact, like a fine wine, a taste you must acquire? A crush you’ll feel ever so smug for having? Body language experts Jo Hemmings and Judi James talk to RadioTimes.com

Have you caught the Benedict Cumberbatch bug or not sure what all the fuss is about when it comes to the Sherlock and Star Trek star? Whether you’re a so-called ‘Cumberbitch’, ‘Cumberbunnie’, ‘Cumberperson’ or simply ask ‘Cumber Who?’ there’s no denying his popularity.


Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings (johemmings.co.uk) and body language and behaviour expert Judi James tell RadioTimes.com how Cumberbatch’s body language and facial expressions give us clues as to why he’s so popular…

JH: “Whether he’s playing Sherlock Holmes, another role or just being himself, Cumberbatch’s body language is guarded, yet rich in expression. No extraneous flamboyant gestures for this man. Every move he makes and every look he gives seem direct and to the point.”

JJ: “Cumberbatch was a taste you had to acquire. I think acquiring him as a taste makes you feel just a little bit superior. It’s like drinking a fine wine or eating a piece of Stilton. It might not be great at first but after a while you feel immensely smart and superior that you do actually prefer him.”

JH: “His gestures and facial expressions are both purposeful and powerful. That combined with his strong and intriguing (almost asexual features) and deep, purring, authoritative voice make him a sex god – especially in a world seemingly filled of shallow and pretty boy band types.”

JJ: “Cumberbatch’s features are just of a completely unusual cast and set. None of his features taken separately should be attractive, and put together initially they’re not handsome, but then they are deeply attractive. You’d actually probably be looking at him thinking ‘what an unusual face’ and then you’d make your own mind up about whether you think it’s attractive or not. It’s a bit like finding that one-off unusual designer outfit.”

JH: “There’s seeming conflict in his body language – in many of his roles, especially Holmes, he often seems careless with his manners, cold and lacking compassion. Yet there is a controlled calmness in his body language and facial expressions, tinged with a little mystique, humour and self-deprecation.”

JJ: “He does play massively intellectual characters, which helps with the charisma. I mean god only know what he’s like in real life. I think we imagine that he’s hugely intellectual, which would add to his alpha credentials. With the Sherlock and Star Trek characters, I think they’re almost like grown-up versions of Robert Pattinson’s character in the Twilight series, Edward Cullen. His characters have this remote, almost cold quality about them- almost non-sexual – and it makes women walk towards them and try and seduce them. We tend to desire the unattainable.”

JH: “Getting to know Benedict would be like unlocking a series of doors and finding an unexpected surprise behind each. Which makes him unpredictable and potentially wild when unleashed – another very sexy trait.”

JJ: “One you’ve realised how gorgeous and adorable he is, I think whatever role he plays it doesn’t matter because he also happens to be a good actor. I think he’ll always have a very similar following.”

JH: “This is a man who seems to be in control and he knows it. That level of self-assured power has always been attractive in a man.”

JJ: “He’s also got a very nice voice and I think that’s underestimated as an attraction. There’s something lovely about the not regularly attractive face with a very deep, intellectual alpha male voice that is fabulous.”