The White Queen, episode 7: the one where Max Irons stuffs a pillow up his shirt

King Edward IV's middle-aged spread looked suspiciously like a hastily commandeered cushion...


The White Queen has had its fair share of ups and downs. While critics and viewers took issue with the costume department’s manicured nails, zips and poppered jackets, the female contingent were appeased by Max Irons’ ripped torso, which the Beeb made decent use of in the series’ opening episodes.  


But after seven (yes, seven) weeks of bloody battles and lusty liaisons, Edward is nearing middle age and with middle age (often) comes a middle-aged spread. So this poses the question: how do you transform a hunky twentysomething actor into a lardy sovereign fattened on food and power? The BBC’s answer? A pillow, apparently. 

Any of the 3.53m viewers tuning into last night’s episode would notice Irons looking considerably more rotund in his opening scene which saw Edward IV drinking and whoring while his wife, Elizabeth, was giving birth to their second son. But rather than appearing as a portly monarch, the king bore closer resemblance to a pregnant woman (maternity blouse and all). So, how did the The White Queen’s beleagured costume department manage to dress their leading man as an expectant mother? A cushion, perhaps? Maybe one of his poppered jackets rolled up? Guesses on the back of a postcard, please… 

What made Irons’ get-up even stranger was the subsequent disappearance of said tummy in later scenes. Here he is minus his pregnant belly, flanked by his brother Richard and brother-in-law, Anthony. 

That leaves us with the burning question: will Irons’ tummy stay or will it go? Tune in next Sunday at 9:00pm to find out… 


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