Downton Abbey theme tune gets lyrics

Hear Don Black’s ‘Did I Make the Most of Loving You’ as we seek out more shows that have had words added to their famous tunes

Whatever would the Dowager Countess of Grantham say about this? Lyrics to the Downton Abbey theme tune… we think there would be some lip pursing.


We bargain some of the other characters might fancy a dance around to the song, entitled Did I Make the Most of Loving You (sung by operatic soprano Mary-Jess). Although, the words do cut a little deep given we’ve been left bereft of a main character since that Christmas day episode.

But what lyricist Don Black has quite rightly said is that it’s a theme that runs through the series.

The song forms part of the official soundtrack, which can be downloaded, but whether it will actually play alongside the show in the next series is unclear. 

Of course, Downton Abbey isn’t the only theme tune to get words added to it… 


Who can forget Anita Dobson’s EastEnders upgrade Anyone Can Fall In Love? It reached bumber 4 in the chartts in 1986 and sees Dobson providing a few lessons in making a relationship work. There are a few Walford residents who could probably benefit from a listen…


American sitcom Roseanne went without lyrics for 8 series, before Blues Traveler added his vocals to the final series version. 

The Munsters


Years after The Munsters was off the air, Butch Patrick (who played young Eddie in the show) came up with some lyrics to go with the catchy tune. And that’s how “What ever happened to Eddie” was born. Genius.