Channel 4’s new historical drama The Mill to air at the end of the month

Matthew McNulty, Claire Rushbrook and Kerrie Hayes star in the gritty industrial revolution drama

The Mill, Channel 4’s new four-part historical drama, will air on 28 July at 8:00pm, the Channel has announced.


Set during rural-industrial England during 1833, the gritty drama follows the workers and unpaid apprentices at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire as they slave away at their 12-hour shifts. But the industrial revolution is changing the landscape of the country beyond recognition and the workers are poised to take their fates into their own hands.

Written by Torchwood and Coronation Street’s John Fay, The Mill stars Kerrie Hayes, Matthew McNulty, Aidan McArdle, Kevin McNally, Claire Rushbrook, Sacha Parkinson, Holly Lucas, Donald Sumpter and Barbara Marten.


The Mill starts on Sunday 28 July on Channel 4.