Sherlock relaxes upstairs at 221B Baker Street as filming on series three takes a break

Mark Gatiss tweets the unmistakable silhouette of Benedict Cumberbatch in what looks very much like a silk dressing gown as shooting comes to an end


Sherlock’s not usually one to enjoy downtime – he’d rather be out on a case or shooting holes in the living room wall while repeatedly shouting the word “Bored!” at anyone who’ll listen. But it seems as if getting the first two episode of series three in the can was enough to prompt even Benedict Cumberbatch’s detective to slip on his dressing gown (or smoking jacket) and have a nice sit down.


We may not be able to see his face but the silhouette in this shot is unmistakable. Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss tweeted the photo to mark the end of filming on the first two episodes of the detective drama – The Empty Hearse and The Sign of Three – before a summer break allows Cumberbatch and co-star Martin Freeman to fulfil some of their many other work commitments.