Radio Times Audience Award: The cast of Homeland – UK vs US

Damian Lewis, David Harewood and Rupert Friend choose between the UK and the USA...



London or LA? London. Greatest city on earth. Awash with ghosts.

Pint or smoothie? Pint. Real ale.

Selfridges or Bloomingdales? Selfridges. For the food hall.

Roast beef or beef burger? Roast beef. English mustard.

Soccer or American football? What’s soccer?! English football.

Jack Russell or Chihuahua? Both good as toilet brushes.

Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren? The Dame, The Dame.

Scotch or Bourbon? Scotch. Single malt. Sherry casks.

Cadbury’s or Hershey’s? Absolutely and without any doubt… Cadbury’s.

Full English or pancakes with maple syrup? Full English. Must have beans.

Toast or bagel? Toast. With melting butter and Oxford fine cut marmalade.

Bangers or hot dogs? Bangers. All day.

Doctor who or Superman? Doctor Who. Tom Baker. Sorry David.

Jonathan Ross or Jon Stewart? Wossy. Better hair.

Cameron or Obama? Who?

West End or Broadway? Broad End.

Martha or Delia? Delia! How dare you…

M4 or Route 101? M4. Takes me to one of my favourite places in the world.


London or LA? LA for the climate, London for the vibe.

Pint or smoothie? Smoothie. Strawberry and banana.

Roast beef or beef burger? I love Sunday roast. I’m good in the kitchen – I do the meat, my wife does the potatoes.

Soccer or American football? “Soccer”. My team Birmingham city have had a fair to middling season; I’m not really impressed with the current managerial set-up there…

Scotch or Bourbon? Scotch. At the moment I’m liking some Glenfiddich.

Cadbury’s or Hershey’s? Cadbury’s. American chocolate is all a bit sweet and sickly.

Full English or pancakes with maple syrup? Full english please.

Doctor who or Superman? I’m looking forward to [British actor] Henry Cavill as the new Superman.

Cameron or Obama? Obama! I didn’t get invited to the White House when Damian went, but one day…

M4 or Route 101? 101. My God, you’re in your car all the time when you stay in the States. But I’ve not done any road trips this time. It’s all been about driving to auditions.

Pinstripes or chinos? Chinos. I’m not really a chinos guy, but I’m definitely not a pinstripe guy.


London or LA? New York.

Pint or smoothie? Pint.

Roast beef or beef burger? Chips with both.

Aston Martin or Cadillac? Aston Martin – that’s Bond for chrissakes!

Soccer or American football? Pub.

Jack Russell or Chihuahua? Both too small.

Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren? Both amazing.

Scotch or Bourbon? Single malt.

Full English or pancakes with maple syrup? Full english. Can’t beat it.

Toast or bagel? Porridge.

Bangers or hot dogs? British butcher’s bangers.

Doctor Who or Superman? If it’s Tom Baker, Who.

Katie Price or Kim Kardashian? Sorry??

Cameron or Obama? Obama, without question.

Big Ben or Empire State? Big Ben, where time starts!

Martha or Delia? Jamie, for what he did for schools.

Bowler hat or baseball cap? Fedora.

Cricket or baseball? Pub.

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