Martin Freeman: Sherlock success is like Beatlemania

The reaction to the BBC1 detective drama makes its star feel like one of the Fab Four


It’s rare these days to turn up at a press conference, awards ceremony or other event featuring the stars of Sherlock and not find a group of screaming fans out the front trying to catch a glimpse of their heroes. So when Martin Freeman, who plays John Watson in the BBC1 detective drama, likens the Sherlock phenomenon to Beatlemania, he has a point.


“The reaction to [the show] has been unlike any I’ve had to any other job I’ve done,” said Freeman. “I’ve got some great reactions to things I’m very proud of, but I don’t think any surpass Sherlock in terms of critical acclaim and numbers of people watching – and just a general feeling that you’re in a mini Beatlemania.”

But Freeman says the cast and crew are not letting success go to their heads and are keen to keep viewers just as happy in the upcoming third run of Sherlock.


“We had a lot to live up to after the last run, ” he told Empire. “Every time we do it we want to make something better and not rest on our laurels, which would be very easy to do.”