Bergerac returning to Jersey shores?

Could the classic BBC detective series be revived by the Corporation with a reboot for a younger audience?


BBC detective series Bergerac may soon be heading back to TV after more than 20 years away.


It is understood that the BBC is keen to reboot the Jersey-based crime drama, though the project has not yet been formally commissioned.

Bergerac originally ran on BBC1 from 1981-91 and starred John Nettles as the show’s titular detective. Bergerac came to an end in 1991 after nine series, and Nettles soon took a leading role in ITV’s Midsomer Murders.

According to industry magazine Broadcast, the BBC is collaborating with indie production company Artists Studio on the Bergerac reboot, which will be aimed at a younger demographic than the original show.

There is as yet no script for the new Bergerac, but the show’s producers are understood to be aiming to recreate the original’s international appeal and discussing the project with broadcasters from around the world.

Bergerac was created by Robert Banks Stewart, and the writer told Broadcast: “The team involved has full artistic freedom to recreate Bergerac the way they see it in the 21st century, though obviously the unique atmosphere of Jersey, and the island’s involvement, will count for a lot.

“There will be, I’m sure, surprises in the package.”

A BBC source said the production was in the early stages of development. were unable to reach Artists Studio for comment.


Watch the original Bergerac opening sequence below: