David Tennant in The Politician’s Husband – preview pictures

The former Doctor Who star joins War Horse's Emily Watson in BBC2's new political drama

David Tennant and Emily Watson star in new BBC2 drama The Politician’s Husband later this month – see preview pictures in the gallery below.


Written by Paula Milne, the drama follows Aiden (Tennant), a politician who has always put his career before his family life, and his sidelined wife Freya (Emily Watson), who habours political ambitions of her own.

The three-part drama will follow the couple as Freya steps out from Aiden’s shadow and launches her own political career – a career which threatens to topple her husband’s…

Paula Milne says The Politician’s Husband is about “power within a marriage”, adding: “I wanted to explore the way that men feel about their wives becoming more successful than them – that’s an interesting dynamic to set against the power games in Whitehall.”

A follow up to 1995 political drama The Politician’s Wife, which starred Trevor Eve, Minnie Driver and Juliet Stevenson, The Politician’s Husband also features Roger Allam and Ed Stoppard.

The drama starts on Thursday 25 April on BBC2. See preview pictures below and watch a trailer here.