Catch up with Mad Men… in Post-it notes

Need a reminder of what's happened ahead of series six on Sky Atlantic? Just too lazy to watch the first five series? Here's everything you need to know, in a few convenient notes...


Unless you’ve been living under a giant Don Draper-shaped rock for the past few weeks, you will be aware that the long-awaited sixth series of Mad Men begins tonight on Sky Atlantic at 10pm. You may be smugly reflecting on the five seasons through which you’ve loyally followed the Madison Avenue advertising execs, but if you are new to the womanising ways of Don Draper & co and are frantically worrying how on earth you are supposed to tackle all those hefty box sets, fear not – we have your answer. Post-its. 


No, we haven’t had one to many Gimlets – a cunning Mad Men fanatic with a pack of Post-its, a pen and a lot of time on their hands has done all the hard work for you. Condensing 65 episodes – that’s nearly 50 hours of footage – into 18 notes, plus a profile of each character and a preview of series six, this nifty revision guide makes catching up easy. The first four notes summarise seasons one to four, before season five is broken down episode by episode, complete with illustrations.

So why not dedicate a few minutes of your busy schedule to catching up on the dramatic lives of Don, Betty, Roger, Peggy and the gang before tuning in for the series premiere tonight…



To see updated versions of the Mad Men Post-it notes as series six continues, visit